New Electric Massage Tool 12.6V 2600mAh Body Massage Therapy Device
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                    Massage Gun

                    New Electric Massage Tool 12.6V 2600mAh Body Massage Therapy Device

                    Item No.: MG007-B
                    Quick Details
                    Place of Origin:
                    Zhejiang, China
                    Body Massager
                    Net Weight:
                    Body Spa Gym Massage therapy
                    Product Name:
                    vibration massage gun
                    Massage area:
                    Neck Back Shoulder Waist Buttock



                    a. 5 Speed Adjustable Vibration Strength;

                    b. 6 kind of Massage Head Choose;

                    c.  Handheld Massage Gun Professionally, Reduce Switch Loss, Make Massage Gun has Longer Service Time;

                    d.  Massage Gun: 10mins Timing Model, Reduce the Damage of Overuse, Make the Massage Process more Scientific and Comfortable;

                    e.  Rechargeable 24V Li-ion Battery – 3 hour Rechargeable lithium-ion battery life, enable 1-week continuous usage (7x20 min sessions) without charging

                    f.  Also We Still have Strict Manufacturing Technique Process, Every Product in your hand Must be a Beautiful Artwork.




                    a. Help you loosen tight muscles and reduce soreness;

                    b. Easily target any muscle group;

                    c. Start your peaceful and comfortable Home SPA today!

                    d. Our massage gun operates quietly with low operating sound under 55dB, so no need to worried about any annoying noise.

                    e. Take a deep breath, and just using the massage gun put yourself into the VIP SPA Room!



                    6 Different Heads:


                    Ball Head: Suitable for LARGE MUSCLE GROUP massage, Reduce work tiredness.

                    Small Head: Suitable for SMALL MUSCLE GROUP massage, pain relief.

                    Horn Head: Suitable fot SPINAL Massage, Stimulating Massage.

                    Flat Head: Suitable for WHOLE BODY massage, ease muscle fatigue.

                    Bullet Head: Suitable for JOINT muscle massage.

                    Thumb Head: Suitable for soft part of body massage. Imitate SPA thumb massage.





                    Please read the instructions carefully, and please install the massage head correctly and safely.

                    Do not use massager in close proximity to loose clothing or jewelry.

                    For your own health, Massage on each part of body should be less than 2 minutes.



                    Product Name Portable Massage Device Vibration Massage Gun with 15 Speeds
                    Power Supply DC 12.8V/2600mAh
                    Gear Range 15 Gears of Speed 
                    Head Ball 6 Different Kinds of Head Ball, Please See the Detail images
                    Battery Using Time About 3 hours
                    Charge Time About 1 hours
                    Warranty 12 months
                    Logo Pringting Method Pad Printng
                    OEM Service more than 300 pcs will be accepted
                    Delivery Time within 7 days
                    Package Include 1 Massager, 1 Smart Charger, 1 User Manual, 6 Massage Head Ball